Prema House Medical Centre

211 Ballina Rd. Lismore NSW

P.O. Box 5053 East Lismore

NSW Australia  


02 6622 5030

For Life-Threatening Emergencies
Call 000


02 6622 5030

02 6622 4068

211 Ballina Rd, East Lismore
NSW 2480 Australia
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After Hours Phone:
P.O Box 5053, East Lismore
NSW 2480 Australia

Please do not use this email contact for appointments.  To arrange appointments, phone our office on 02 66225030.

02 6621 4457

Email us:

Please do not use this email contact for appointments.  

To arrange appointments, phone our office on 

02 6622 5030


If a patient wishes to speak with a Doctor, our Receptionists will take patient details, contact phone number (and a message if appropriate). A phone call will be returned to the patient after the Practice Nurse has consulted with the Doctor.  No patient information is sent via emails due to confidentiality issues.


We encourage open discussion of problems associated with any aspect of your treatment at this surgery.  However, if you wish to use an outside body for discussion there are options including:


Health Care Complaints Commission
Locked Bag 18
Strawberry Hills  NSW  2012

Phone: 1800 043 159

Rights and responsibilities

Successful medical care requires an ongoing collaborative effort between Patients and Doctors.


As a patient of Prema House Medical Centre you have a right to: 


  • Qualified, competent staff who will attend to you with care and skill.

  • Respect for your culture, ethnicity and religious beliefs.

  • Fair treatment regardless of your race, ethnicity, language, age, sex, sexual preference or disability.

  • Have a clear explanation of your health problems, treatment and risk

  • Receive a confidential service from all our Lismore Doctors.

  • Be involved in the treatment or management plans regarding your health and discuss with the doctors and staff of our medical centre what is written about you in your health record.

  • Make a complaint about any aspect of our service and expect that it will be dealt with fairly and you will be informed of the results.

  • Give positive feedback.


As a client of this practice we ask you to:


  • Treat all staff at our medical centre with courtesy and respect.

  • Refrain from use of abusive, threatening or violent language or behaviour.

  • Advise us if you are unable to keep appointments.

  • Understand that Prema House Medical Centre and the staff within it have certain policies and procedures to adhere regarding service provision, for example confidentiality and privacy issues.

  • Be patient. Please understand that all staff within this practice are here to assist you. However, at times due to high patient demand and unforseen emergencies there will be delays. If concerned please ask at reception for estimated waiting times.

  • Be actively involved in your own health care.

  • Ask questions and express  concerns with our Lismore doctors, that you have regarding your healthcare, your condition and your medication.

  • Come back to collect results of any tests or procedures you have had done at our medcial centre

  • Pay promptly for services received.

  • Present to reception on arrival to our medical centre and after your consultation is completed.

  • As a private practice we have a right to refuse you service on the grounds of service availability, practice policies or threatening or abusive behaviour.